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Abridged Product Information

Et al. (Ideazine stimulus)


Et al health communications is a creative design and strategic medical marketing company prescribed for the needs of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Et al can be administered for the production of cycle material including detail and sales aids, leave behinds, journal ads and integrated direct mailings, to CPD programs, meetings, interactive tablet applications and full campaign development/implementation.

Clinical Trials

Over the past 20 years, et al has conducted randomised, double-blind, double-dummy, parallel group studies with companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, GlaxoSmithKline, ViiV Healthcare, Servier Laboratories, Hospira, Orphan Australia, Aspen, Grunenthal, Dr Reddy’s and BioCSL, to name a few. All trials have shown significant improvement in patient compliance and presentation, with the drug now indicated off label across all departments from marketing, sales, PR, HR, training and medical to packaging and manufacturing.

Approved Indications For Use

Et al is indicated for the delivery of quality creative, iPad app development, multimedia solutions, clinical research, CPD programs plus medical writing, from concept through to delivery. Our medical writer is an accredited activity provider for RACGP CPD / ACCRM PDP / ANMF CPD / HIV CPD points. With full dosage compliance, et al increases the relief of Product Manager’s stress, frustration and deadline pressure.


Et al can be used as first line or in combination therapy with other advertising agencies or medical education companies to follow existing campaigns/programs or for fresh new initiatives. Utilising identical molecular generics, additional campaign elements can be developed and implemented without the excessive costs of the originator but retain all existing creative elements.


Only prescribe et al to products requiring full TGA, PBS and Medicines Australia Code of Conduct compliance.

Adverse Reactions

Et al has been proven effective for over 20 years and extremely well tolerated in all subject groups. The most frequent adverse reactions were terms like ‘you saved me again’, ‘innovative concept’ and ‘great strategic execution’ resulting in increased product awareness, doctor support and market share. There in no history of discontinuation of therapy in any controlled patients due to any extreme adverse reactions.


Et al is registered as an S8 drug due to its addictive tendencies, resulting in overdosing being a common occurrence, but patients have always felt an overwhelming sense of satisfaction with few side effects.

Dosage and Administration

The usual starting and maintenance dose is once daily for most patients. On rare occasions, it is necessary to titrate up during switch from existing agency. The optimal relief and control is attained within a few minutes following the completion of a folio presentation or delivery of the first job.


Andrew Hosking in our patient support division can be contacted on 03 9853 0700 to request an in-office presentation and maintenance pack to continue compliance once this starter pack has been completed.


Et al health communications
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Please review product information before prescribing.

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